Our Services


We have unique experience in designing evolutionary and maintainable architecture. Realizing, that Microservice architecture is not the solution for all of your problems is an important first step! 

Certainly does Microservice architecture bring a lot of principles, which are very important like organizing and modelling around business domains or being able to deploy independently. But just following theses principles will not lead to a maintainable architecture and we have seen hairball (in DDD terms big ball of mud) architectures realized with these principles. 

If you need support to avoid theses problems, then contact us! 

We can also point out, which organizational structures need to be established to enable maintainable architecture. Remember, that since Conway's law we know, that  organizational structure and architecture are very strongly coupled.


Cloud Solutions

We are providing consulting and training for Cloud platforms. We can support you in Cloud strategy and Cloud transformation projects. 

Currently our main Cloud provider is AWS, but we are also strongly looking into the other Cloud providers like Azure and GCP.

Cloud is not always the right solution, but combined with platforms like Kubernetes and Kafka, we believe, that it is major driver of innovation.

New businesses should definitely explore the possibilities of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS in the Cloud.


Software Development

We can support you in a huge variety of languages and technologies. We have knowledge in technologies like Java for backend development, Python and big variety of JS frameworks (Angular, React and Vue).

Delivering high quality code through following coding guidelines and setting up automated testing is our company value. Together with principles like GitOps, high level of automation and using the right open-source libraries like Java Spring, we believe, that we can deliver high quality code.

We also believe in close collaboration with you to deliver the right features and to generate this way real value for you.


CMS Drupal

We have top experts for Drupal and CMS solutions, who can support you as consultants and can provide trainings. We have developed projects running a headless Drupal on an airplane and as well a lot of basic web sites.

Our reference and portfolio speaks for itself. Just contact us, if you need a Drupal based CMS solution. 



The area of security is very big and also very important. We hear more and more stories of cyber attacks and certainly protecting data is one of the most important tasks an IT department has. We can support you in the following topics:

  • Creating and implementing Secure Software Development 
  • Vulnerability management and security assessment

Business website creation and maintenance

There are plenty of beautiful, well-functioning sites on the web, sometimes with fully customized solutions, but most of them unfortunately do not necessary serve the purpose they were created for. A wonderful website is worthless, if the prospective inquirer does not find it.

We can help you!

We will not only create a nice and useful website for you, but also we make a big effort to make search engines find it more efficiently.

  • If you already have a website, ask for our free advice, because everybody wants to know, what the quality of the current system is and how it adjusts to costs.
  • If you do not have a website yet, you will see, that you will be perfectly satisfied with our services!


Advocating Software as a Service (SaaS)

By providing services as SaaS you need only internet connection and a browser (,which is part of all advanced operating systems) to use the services. You can even use them on your smart phone, so you can manage your business anytime and anywhere.

The difficulties with traditional applications can be completely eliminated and a lot of other useful features become available. The services run on one or more servers with professional conditions ideally in the Cloud. This means, that the continuous operation and the security of the client's data are guaranteed, and the system maintenance and development is not impacting your business. The resources needed for the operation of these services are always available and can be used flexible. There is absolutely no need for an own server.