Amazon Web Services

The advantage of AWS (Amazon Web Services) is that it is a highly reliable, secure, scalable system that can quickly provide a high-performance infrastructure. A more detailed description can be read on its website, which at first glance (and many others) may look quite complex.

It's complicated because the system has to be assembled from building blocks, such as the computing capaticty, the storage, data transfer, email sending, database, inspection system, ip address, virtual internal network. Of course, some of them are spiced with other details and options that are typical of its technology.

Fortunately, at the beginning of our service we recognized (relying on our own experience) that we are living in a world with more and more hosting providers who try to get more customers by pushing their prices at best, unintentionally at the expense of quality. In this situation, if you want to provide a high quality service, it is difficult to find the right one for our websites.
The AWS strives for quality, therefore it has higher prices than other service providers. Moreover, due to the complexity of their service, it needs a serious competency to use them. However, if someone is able to understand their pricing strategy and can properly utilize the scalability of Amazon, and the most important thing is that they wish quality services, it is worthwhile to choose AWS.

Our websites, which are mostly Drupal-based, run perfectly in the Amazon Cloud.

If you need advise on Amazon AWS, please contact us. We've done a long way to go and we had a lot of experience that we are happy to share with anyone.